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Press Releases:

25th April 2012 Road Junction Access on 28 / 29 April 2012
19th April 2012 Concrete Plant moved to Southern Compound
18th April 2012 Mass Haul to Commence
28th February 2012 La Mare Road closure
17th February 2012 Pavements Project Traffic Management
5th February 2012 Compound mobilisation commences
22nd December 2011 La Tourelle Junction Improvements
15th November 2011 Airport Closure Dates for 2012 announced
30th September 2011 Pavements Project Accommodation - Planning Application
11th September 2011 Longue Hougue Planning Application
2nd September 2011 2011 Guernsey Aviation Week
11th July 2011 Pavements Project – Use of Local Labour by Lagan
10th June 2011 Pavements Project Environmental Offsetting
31st May 2011 Airport Car Parking charges from 1 July 2011
27th May 2011 Pavements Project Planning Application Submitted
14th March 2011 New Groundwater Treatment
16th February 2011 Pavements Project – Cost of Delay
11th February 2011 Pavements Project – Drop In Days
26th January 2011 PSD announces preferred bidder for Pavements Rehabilitation
1st December 2010 Airport Exhibition moves to Beau Sejour
25th November 2010 Jersey ATC Facility Commissioned
12th November 2010 Pavements Project Tenders Received
1st October 2010 Airport Exhibition Tour
27th September 2010 Update on Potential Use of Arrestor Bed Material
6th August 2010 Pavements Project - Tenders Issued & Client Project Manager Appointed
15th June 2010 Pavements Project - Exhibition Panels
8th March 2010 Pavements Project Runway Closure
21st Jan 2010 Revised Car Park charges
18th Jan 2010 Additional Security Measures
18th Dec 2009 Airport Firefighters Pay
16th Sept 2009 Airport Refurbishment
7th Sept 2009 2009 Aviation Week
26th July 2009 Light Aircraft Incidents – Guernsey and Alderney Airports
2nd July 2009 Airport Development - Public Presentation – Copy of Slides
24th June 2009 Pavements Project Public Meeting July 2009
16th June 2009 Charity Flying Event
10th June 2009 Emergency Exercise
5th June 2009 Dakota Visit
24th March 2009 Terminal Building Modifications
30th November 2008 Airport Redevelopment - Information





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